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Eastern Idaho Classifieds - This Classifieds website was created from the original creator of the Man Stuff Facebook group. Facebook no longer allowed firearm sales. Also as several people do not use Facebook this has been created as a tool to sell many Man Stuff items. Sellers beware! Always take precautions to shield yourself from fraud. We suggest that all firearms transactions use this Firearm Bill of Sale Form.


Dec 21, 2019
Located in Idaho Falls 1964 Type 56 SKS - Chinese. Gun was has many battle scars, but personally I think it adds to the coolness! Does not have stock cleaning kit, but does have cleaning rod. Complete with bayonett.
Dec 21, 2019
Located in Idaho Falls Mossberg 835 pump action 12 gauge. Not cosmetically perfect, but fires straight! Currently set up for hunting to only allow 3 shells. Price is always negotiable, but please don't lowball me.
By Vali
Dec 22, 2019
75 rounds. Dont have the gun anymore.
Dec 20, 2019
Reduced to $850. From my fathers estate collection. Outstanding, precise shooting Winchester Featherweight XTR .257 Roberts w/Leupold vxII 3x9 Scope, & leather sling.