KSG/Handguns/Remington 740/Shotguns

I'm selling the following:
KSG25, practically brand new, $1000 OBO///
Ruger American Pistol, 9mm pro model, $400 OBO///
Stoeger STR9F, shot once, $300 OBO///
Glock 35 Clone Build, Serialized P80 frame, miscellaneous other parts, rmr cut slide, barrels for both 9mm and .40 S&W, $600 OBO///
Single Shot 20Gauge, New England Arms, $150 OBO///
Mossberg 184K, bolt action 20 gauge, $200 OBO///
Remington 740 30-06, in good shape, $450 OBO///

Will update post with pictures tomorrow. Text if interested. I am interested in trades and everything is OBO so feel free to throw out any offers.
208 709 5572