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BEAR CREEK .224 VALKYRIE BARREL ..PLUS 24 inch Stainless Steel ( 416R Stainless Steel ) Heavy Barrel 1:7 Twist Rifle Length Gas System Valkyrie Bolt Hornady 224 Valkyrie…Custom Grade Dies. 2 Die Set (#546211) …280 rd…..22CAL 88GR ELD Match2 unopened boxes of 100 plus 80 all new (#22834) 47 rd Loaded with 88gr ELD Match and 23.5gr of Varget Powder 40 224 Brass …Cleaned..Sized..Primer Pocket Cleaned and Sized This just about every thing you need to convert your ar15 to the VALKYRIE Less than 100 round shot ..GREAT BARREL I just want to go BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!~ I’m letting all of this go for $425 and that is a really good deal (all or nothing) *****I HAVE FORGOT SOME STUFF, SO I"M ADDING IT NOW****** Also comes with ***Lyman Ammo Checker *** 224 Valkyrie E-ZEE Trim Hand Trimmer Pilot *** If I find any thing else I will Add it to the add ASAP. .224 Valkyrie. This fairly new rifle cartridge is designed to achieve high speeds at  long range. It can fire a 90 grain match grade bullet from an AR-15/AR10 rifle at about 2,700 feet per second. That means you can hit targets that are very far away (perhaps up to 1,300 yards) with the right optics. The Valkyrie also offers low recoil, and less bullet drop. The aerodynamic bullets used for this cartridge are less likely to be affected by wind. And I must say it is all of that and more.

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